Technology Deployment

Case Study

Technology deployment and facilities management


Retail Services Provider


Timeliness in rolling out technologies among hundreds of locations

The company needed one management system, to provide multiple locations, the availability to input data within one cloud system. They were using multiple systems to deploy the dozens of technologies needed. (Examples of devices used: scanners, terminals, registers, hand-help inventory tracking monitors…) The many technologies and systems used had significant down time along with training needed.


One system that has the flexibility to do deployment, track facilities needs and give one point of contact for both internal and external teams.

  • Maintenance alone would have paid for choosing this one management system. For instance, 1 in 10 POS break/fix service calls with the three leading global POS technology manufacturers are due to structured cabling issues alone.
  • Going from no alerts to real time alerts from each facility including warehouses, stores, contact centers(for customer service)…now showing technology outage, security issues, weather crisis’
  • Alerts are now automated vs. individuals responsible


Running one report covering the dozens of areas involved was worth moving to one management system alone. Increased operational efficiencies translated into tremendous savings. Significant best practices were developed and set a new industry standard. The development of a customized user interface in security, contact mgmt., vendor/partner mgmt., work orders, reporting, and installations…for a retail client made the training more universal and cost-effective.

***Dollars saved varied due to the size of the locations from at the very least in the 10’s of thousands to millions, company-wide. The one place reporting made moving to one system worth the time involved and decreased costs across all functional areas.