Oil & Gas Management

Case Study

Program Management, Technology Deployment and Service Scheduling to 100,000’s of Well Sites


Global Well Services Company


Scheduling waste and errors, lack of communication and reporting. Client had been using massive Excel spreadsheets and floor to ceiling marker boards to coordinate field services. Often field crews would be misdirected, scheduled inefficiently or be “lost” out of contact while in the Odessa Permian Basin as communications were unavailable. Paper reports, safety logs and other documentation were turned in when teams returned to depots, transcribed by office staff and then mailed to corporate in Houston. The well owners wanted visibility into the process and wished to coordinate with their internal resources. The process was inefficient, error prone and took days to weeks to complete feedback loops and was not transparent or coordinated with their customers.


Online Program Management Portal and Satellite Communications System

·        Realtime, integrated web-portal for scheduling, tracking and documenting for client crews, coordinators and engineering staff as well as their customers.

·        One point of collection of well data, safety and security logs, etc.

·        Satellite communication established with all crews, coordinators and corporate


·        Scheduling inefficiencies and errors were reduced significantly

·        Engineering department were now able to monitor results and give real time instructions to field crews, often eliminating return trips to the site

·        Deployments, maintenance and replacement efforts were coordinated and scheduled in synchrony reducing well site visits

·        Deployment times were cut through improved project management and coordination

·        Maintenance was more accurately scheduled and reported