Global Customization

Case Study
Cost effective and quick customization, Cloud Management System

Global retail chain (both brick/mortar and e-commerce channels)

Too many separate operating systems that have caused delays which translates into significant costs

Multiple management systems were being used with reporting being generated on paper then transferred to Excel spreadsheets. Some of the separate systems were for construction management, IT outsourcing, buying, trend forecasting, HR, security, government requirements and shipping. Personnel was needed, in each area, to run/manage each system with some requiring a data entry person devoted to adding information in a timely manner. (example merchandise shipping) The entire integration of each process’s information was painful. If the time-line for construction of a new store or warehouse, is delayed then products can become obsolete or ‘aged’ while being new but weeks before being available to purchase.

One system with extreme customization to include all areas of business with the speed to add new security tracking, forecasting, trend analysis…

  • Construction worldwide is shown in real time updates.
  • Tactical system has government requirements pre-loaded
  • Security issues or possible issues are tracked in one place showing all areas affected
  • Buyers and merchandisers have access to current shipping schedules to plan promotions and sales

Real time access to detailed information from all areas of the company.

***Dollars gained have not been tracked due to only being in place less than a year. (estimates are to the 100’s of thousands in the first year)