Case Study

Compliance & Risk Management


National Professional Services Firm


Timeliness of information gathering with easy access to one management system

Depending upon the project, the compliance changes including insurance requirements, location of team(s) with visa needs, security, and government agencies satisfied. The firm missed multiple opportunities due to expiration of licenses, a missed step in security clearance and incorrect amount of insurance requirements.


One system showing details of requirements and timelines for renewals. And detailed steps are outlined, with a notice going to administrator, if one step is missed while qualifying the on-site consultant’s paperwork.

  • Currently each client has one project/plan lead while managing the team’s requirements for work and developing deliverables for project
  • One point of information collection, with a list of requirements, to be selected by project lead to include a notice(s) sent when an area is not completed
  • Deadline notices set-up for each team member
  • Automated lists shown upon selection of location requirements (example: work visa timelines)


No missed deadline to submit for RFP (avg. before was 2-4 per 9 month period missed) No disruption of work while on ‘out of country’ location due to Visa restrictions. (Travel was timed to maximize productivity while on site.)

***Dollars gained would have depended upon winning the RFPs that were missed but could have been in the 100’s of thousands. Also, keeping up to date on Visa requirements took the burden from the client and maximized on-site time limitations.