Client On-Boarding

Case Study

Cloud System for direct and indirect clients with process to add markets simultaneously


National Health Insurance Provider


Time to market, efficient broker portal and direct client systems-combined, security of personal information

Initial process was not flexible to include various requirements per state in a timely, uniform manner along with ‘alerts’ needed for incomplete or incorrect choices within the on-boarding process. Emails and paper documents were used for years, which compromised security of information along with allowing many mistakes and a tremendous amount of time to complete adding new policy holders.


New system allows extensive time efficiencies from days to hours in the on-boarding process. Personnel required for on-boarding were able to move to the approval process for insurance coverage vs. the more clerical work of managing paper and emails.

  • One significant efficiency is the cross checking of broker licenses
  • Alerts sent to healthcare provider and broker (if external client) when information is incomplete or incorrect immediately. Follow-up can be done quickly to remedy.
  • Sizable roll-outs of new/multiple territories are offered quickly with system efficiencies
  • Security and accuracy improved 100% due to alerting process of incomplete or incorrect info, no more guessing about handwriting and approval process is in days not weeks
  • Healthcare provider was able to elevate personnel skills from multiple emailing’s and sending out paper information to qualifying applications.
  • Integration of broker and direct portal for new accounts to renewals
  • Validation of policy start dates


Efficiencies increased in all areas from security of information, to timing of approval process, launch of multiple territories simultaneously and general knowledge of personnel involved in the process in broadening skill set and value to company.

***Dollars gained are measured in faster on-boarding, broker process easier with alerts sent for a more timely process and faster premiums deposited. In addition, being able to have one system for all client types and the ability to add multiple territories and requirements quickly.