Asset Tracking

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Asset Tracking


Global Energy



Current situation involves personnel, within each individual area, to include: transportation, fixed locations, distribution, procurement and each team in the field. Each department/area had their own system. (one had paper logs–significant security risk)


Tracking of assets through categorized(with values) listings and rankings

  • One process, one point of collection of information and continuity of values with secure access for a limited number of personnel, from each dept.
  • Setting consistent values and time line for maintenance and replacement
  • Table of value for each area (index or mini-inventory system, for high value assets)
  • Once values are chosen; assets can be added or subtracted for tracking
  • No limitation of modules for each dept./area (customized listings for your needs-not a one size fits all system)


Minimal personnel needed for tracking/ranking and access (greater efficiencies in all areas affected) Example of productivity increase of 10-15% within the first 45 days from tighter focus of duties, better standardization of process and content within, and reaction time.

***Dollars saved by department varies with one example being the loss of oil through leakage and theft. The goal was to save 10% of 100’s millions to billions in loss.